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Morgan & Travis — Minted
RSVP Deadline April 31st, 2024
Please RSVP to all events as soon as possible





Wedding Ceremony + Reception

4:45 PM - 12:00 AM, September 8, 2024

Winnipeg Art Gallery, Memorial Boulevard, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

RSVP By April 31st, 2024

SHUTTLE: to and from shuttles will be provided for those staying at the hotel (Inn at The Forks)

*Please arrive at the venue no later than 4:45pm. If you arrive late and the ceremony has started, you will not be allowed in until reception.*

For those traveling

12:00 PM, September 9, 2024

We will be hosting events for our guests from out of town. Please see your Invites + RSVP for more details.

Bridal Party Rehearsal

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM, September 7, 2024

Inn @ The Forks

ATT Bridal Party

Please be in town prior to Saturday for the rehearsal